Are Private Mortgage Lenders Right For You?

Getting private mortgage lending with integrum mortgage

Private Mortgage Lenders

Integrum Mortgage Private Lenders

We offer a variety of loan products and terms to meet your needs. Our experienced mortgage professionals are here to guide you through the process and help you find the best financing solution for your situation.

Can I Get Private Mortgage Lending?

Yes, we can help. We have partnered with many different private mortgage lenders and bank intermediaries that will easily meet your financial needs.

Maximize Borrowing

With loan amounts exceeding regular private lenders by thousand or even millions

Lower Lending Fees

Smaller Fees when it comes to commercial mortgages and non prime residential loans

Bad Credit Scores

We know that life happens so, higher approval rates for those with low or bad credit situations

High Debt To Income

Our private lenders specialize in high risk higher debt to income loans and offer creative solutions

Why Would I Use Private Lenders?

This is where a private mortgage lender for bad credit can come in handy.

Private Lenders

  • You’re looking for a unique property that no bank or lender would sanction.

  • You need quick funding and don’t want to wait for a lengthy approval procedure.

  • Because of your poor credit history, banks and other lenders are unwilling to give you a loan.

  • A short-term loan is all you’ll require.

  • You have an income that is not verifiable and prevents you from getting a normal mortgage loan